From left to right: Cllr Chris Morley, Deputy Mayor Cllr Paul Bland, Nicky Starenczak, Lisa Whiting, Gary Pooley.

West Norfolk Wins Community lottery is celebrating this week

05 March 2024

West Norfolk Wins Community Lottery is celebrating this week, after one lucky player won £1,000 by referring a cause to the community fundraising lottery. Gary Pooley referred Starz Fostering CIC to the lottery, and was thrilled to be drawn as the winner in February. What’s more, there was a £1,000 donation to Gary’s cause, Starz Fostering, too!

Gary said: "I am really pleased I nominated Starz to join West Norfolk Wins. Starz do some fantastic work helping match young people with foster families and I know Nicky and her team work tirelessly, often without recognition, making sure every penny goes towards supporting those families. I’m glad I was able to help them win some money by supporting the local lottery and I hope it also helps raise their profile as I know they would love to speak to anyone interested in fostering to help them help more children."

Deputy Mayor Cllr Paul Bland and  Cllr Chris Morley joined Gary to present the cheque to Nicky and Lisa from Starz Fostering at the Town Hall on Monday. Nicky Starenczak, one of the Directors of Starz Fostering CIC said: “I just wanted to say how wonderful the West Norfolk Wins lottery is. Our supporters feel they are giving but also get a chance to win something. So far not only have we won the amazing prize but 2 of our supporters have also had wins.
The prize money is going to be put to good use as we have a large training plan for 2024 which in includes, Therapeutic parenting, Education for cared for children, Paediatric 1st aid and Harmful sexualised behaviour and this will help cover the cost to send staff onto these courses.

The lottery is such an amazing and fun way to engage our supporters and create some much-needed revenue. It is so easy to sign up and access all the free media resources to ensure our supporters know what West Norfolk wins is all about and get easy access to buy tickets under our banner.”

West Norfolk Wins is a community fundraising lottery run on behalf of the Borough Council by Gatherwell Ltd, who run similar lotteries on behalf of local authorities up and down the country.

Cllr Chris Morley, Cabinet member for Finance at the Borough Council, said:

“The community lottery has raised more than £146,000 for our local community since its inception and over £66,000 has been given away in winnings. By referring a new good cause to West Norfolk Wins not only has a player won £1,000 but a newly signed up good cause, Starz Fostering CIC, has benefitted by £1,000 too.

“In these hard-pressed times lots of people rely on the work of charitable organisations and they in turn rely on donations and grants. Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week and 50% of that goes to support the charity of your choice, so buying tickets in the lottery provides a WIN all round.

West Norfolk Wins is designed to help local not-for-profit charities and organisations fundraise for their good cause all year round in a safe, fun and effective way. There are weekly cash prizes to be won, including the £25,000 jackpot!

Players can buy a ticket and support the local community. There are currently 72 registered causes to choose from when purchasing your ticket to play West Norfolk Wins Community Lottery.

If you know a local charity or good cause that may benefit from fundraising, or you would like to buy a ticket, you can find out more on the West Norfolk Wins website or call 01553 341414.

You must be 18 and over, always play responsibly.

Our causes are on track to raise £25,771.20 this year

17.28% Complete

826 tickets of our 4,780 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £25,771.20 this year

17.28% Complete

826 tickets of our 4,780 ticket goal