We want to enable as many organisations as possible to join the good causes lottery under the West Norfolk Wins. As you will be joining under our overall gambling licence (Gambling Act 2005) we have to ensure that organisations meet certain criteria. There is no application fee.

The organisation must:

  • Provide community service within BCKLWN Council’s geographic area, which are of benefit to BCKLWN residents
  • National charities must have a local presence and be able to demonstrate that the monies received will be distributed locally
  • Have a formal constitution or set of rules
  • Have a bank account with at least two unrelated signatories
  • Operate with no undue restrictions on accessing the services provided
  • Actively market the lottery
  • Provide the Council with such documentation as the Council needs

And be:

  • A constituted group with a volunteer management committee that meets on a regular basis (at least three times a year) ; or
  • A registered charity; or
  • A Community Interest Group

We will not accept organisations that:

  • Promote a particular religious or political belief
  • Aim to distribute a profit
  • With no established management committee or board of trustees, unless a Community Interest Group

The Council will reserve the right to admit any organisation, or to end an organisations participation on whatever grounds it thinks fit.